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Gartner's Magic Quadrant with Military-Grade User Authentication.


Itsect is the next-generation user authentication and authorization built for the Age of Smartphones



Why Intersect


Deflect All Known Cyber Attacks 

Full Protection Against Key Logger, Phishing, Fake Mail, Virtual Keyboard, Network Sniff, MITM, MITB, ZITB, Brute Force and more.
Developing web technologies   enable easy communication between people to corporations and 
Company  IDs or user IDs  become  more open to others.
Using Areas:
Managers of Operations , Internet Banking, ATM usersi managers of Web servers, Online shpping users using credit cards, company sofyware application users, software developers.
Advantages of itsect: 
It can rapidly becomes prevalent because of it’s easy algorithm may let add /link to the other systems.
Includes “cloud computing”in the Software copyrights
it is below the existing solution cost’s, costs only service fee’s
Makes imposible steal used  the crucial  credit card data’s on the internet.

I'm not an ITSECT customer.

Can I join?

Yes. The sessions are designed for existing customers, banks, payment system providers, and governmental/military organizations.

FAQs About the ITSECT Webinars



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Mathematics Professor and Technology Advisor at Istanbul Technical University


Applied Mathematics Engineer and Banking  Security Systems Expert

Will the Session Be Recorded?

No. The sessions are completely anonymous and confidential

Will there Be a Q&A at the end? 

No,  for security reasons. You can email us your questions before, or we can schedule a follow up.

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